Single-packed disposable cutlery

"I.C. Aseptica" LLC h sells single-packed disposable cutlery under the customer's brand. 

A disposable cutlery set may be used for different business sectors:

  • catering;
  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • food delivery service;
  • transport: in trains, buses, airplanes.

A unique design may be developed specifically for your project to highlight your brand identity.

Single-packed disposable cutlery is a perfect solution to ensure meals safety in public places under anti-virus restrictions.


Set components

Components of disposable cutlery sets are usually defined based on the requirements of a certain business project. Standard cutlery sets include disposable fork, knife, toothpick and salt, dry and wet wipes; other options are also available, for example:

  • full set of cutlery (7 items): spoon, fork, knife, sugar, salt, pepper, wet and/or dry wipe;
  • a set of 4 items: sugar, salt, pepper, wet and/or dry wipe;
  • "tea set": small spoon, wet and/or dry wipe, sugar;
  • "table set": large spoon, fork, knife, small spoon, wet and/or dry wipe, toothpick, salt.

Disposable cutlery sets may be singled packed in any option of the customer's choice.

"I.C. Aseptica" LLC is a famous manufacturer that has gained many years of experience in the HoReCa sector. Our company manufactures disposable cutlery sets for air flights of Aeroflot PJSC.


Cutlery size

Single-packed sets may include disposable cutlery of different size:

  • knives – from 150 to 195 mm;
  • forks – from 145 mm to 195 mm;
  • tablespoons – from 100 to 155 mm;
  • teaspoons – from 90 to 145 mm;
  • wet wipe – from 30x60 mm to 240x240 mm;
  • dry wipe – 330x300 mm.


Cutlery material

Every set item is manufactured in strict compliance with SanPin requirements.

The cutlery is designed to be used for hot dishes with temperature up to +75 C.

The cutlery may be manufactured from the following materials:

  • polystyrene;
  • polypropylene;
  • wood;
  • corn flour.

Any other materials can be used on the case-by-case basis.


Packaging material

Possible packaging materials of the sets:

  • transparent plastic bag;
  • zip bag;
  • paper bag;
  • paper box.

If you need another packaging, our manager will guide you through possible options.


Certificate of conformity

Before ordering design from scratch or buying a standard set of disposable cutlery you prefer, you may review our current certificates of conformity and, if necessary, get product samples.

The production time of the batch of single-packed disposable cutlery sets is determined on the case-by-case basis and depends on the size of a certain batch and its parameters, but usually varies from 4 up to 7 weeks.

The entire production process will be supervised by a sales manager, who can quickly inform you about all nuances of the production.

The minimum (wholesale) batch to be ordered is RUB 20,000 excluding shipping costs. The goods are delivered by one of the transport companies as agreed with the customer.

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