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We implement the full production cycle of medical, cosmetic and hygienic products – from raw materials cooking to the finished product packaging. Also, we provide various packaging options for our products.

Quality Policy

Today, International Corporation "Aseptica" is one of the largest enterprises in Europe in its field. "I.C. Aseptica" LLC uses modern high-performance European equipment in production process and constantly modernises it. The production capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 900 million units of products per year. "I.C. Aseptica" LLC carries out its activities throughout the Russian Federation and abroad. The Corporation partners include more than 2,000 various companies: from small businesses to global international corporations and holdings. The company employs only highly qualified specialists. Over the past years, the company has accumulated knowledge and innovations that contribute to the production of high quality products.
  • 22 years
  • 250+
  • 900+
The mission "Protection, Care, Health" is a clear and precise philosophy of "I.C. Aseptica' LLC. The top management of the company declares a long-term quality policy and lays down the following principles for its implementation in daily activities: 1. The main value of the company is its employees, therefore the main concern of the company's top management is the formation of an enthusiastic employee who will consciously give the company their knowledge, skills, experience and contribute to the prosperity of the company. 2. Professionals must create quality. Professionalism can only be achieved by systematic and advanced training of the company's employees; 3. The company works for its consumer, therefore, when solving all issues of the company's activities, the priority is to meet the requirements and expectations of consumers of products and services; 4. Each employee of the company works to satisfy their internal consumer and the results of their work transferred to the next stage of the production process must meet the requirements of this consumer; 5. Any identified discrepancies are the internal reserve of the company, which will allow to constantly improve the quality of products and services provided. Any concealment of a discrepancy is equated to the concealment of defect. The management of the company takes responsibility for the implementation of the Policy in the field of product quality, its distribution at all levels of management, as well as the creation of conditions for the active participation of the entire team and its implementation.
We find the most optimal, creative, modern and quick solution for any concepts of our customers
  • 1999

    Establishment of the company

  • 2002

    The first million of items is manufactured

  • 2005

    The company enters the foreign markets

  • 2010

    The company wins the Aeroflot contract

  • 2014

    The BRC audit is met

  • 2015

    The manufacturing capacity exceeds 500 million per year

  • 2019

    Use of unique technologies in Russia


The company’s brands
Aseptica’s brands are developed in our own laboratory under the supervision of experienced technologists. Some products have been awarded the Product of the Year National Award
Our clients

Our clients include the world’s leading brands that for many years have entrusted us with the implementation of complex projects in various fields, ranging from the manufacture of wet wipes to disposable cutlery sets.